Oil Boiler Service In Dublin, Ireland

Is it autumn over there? Is the cold weather kicking in? Do you have an oil boiler in your house? Then prep yourself up, because we guess, your oil boiler is wanting you to get it serviced.

Being a careless owner can cause you a lot of inconvenience and if you don’t want that to happen to you then, scroll down the write. You will comprehendhow important it is to service your oil boiler.

Oil Boiler Service in Dublin

Service procedure

When you will be having the Oil boiler service Dublin, you will find the engineer following some procedures that will make sure your unit works properly. Let us give a rough idea of the procedure:

  • Oil storage tank will be checked visually.
  • Flue pipe will be checked.
  • Fire valve, filter and oil line will be checked.
  • Heat exchangerand combustion chamberwill be checked and cleaned.
  • Photo cell will be cleaned.
  • Motor and fan will be inspected.
  • Oil nozzle may get replaced.
  • Electrodes will be inspected.
  • Seals and oil pumpwill be inspected.
  • Energy efficiency will be inspected.
  • Setting of oil pressure will be done.
  • Flexible oil line will be inspected.
  • Smoke and pressure will be inspected for the combustion’s cleanliness.

Benefits of service

As you will be having an Oil boiler service Dublin, it will provide you with a lot of benefits. And come on, who doesn’t love enjoying advantages.

  • You will be able to save around 30% of your annual fuel bill only if you have the unit serviced once a year.
  • Having the Oil boiler service Dublin will also help optimize the efficiency of your boiler.
  • It will also ensure your safety since the engineer will identify hazards that can be caused by the unit and they will fix that.
  • You will also find it increasing the durability of the unit.

Best time of service

If you are absolutely blank about the time to have the servicing done, then don’t worry we are here to advise you. If you want to get the service, then the best time would be before the cold weather. It will be great if you get it done sometime during Autumn. It’s because you won’t be using the boiler much in that period, plus you will also find a lot of engineers available to be there for the job.


You can save yourself from different hassles be it boiler install Dublin or boiler repair Dublin once you go with the option of servicing. Now that we have underscored its importance, we can hope that you will realize your responsibility towards the unit.