Gas Boiler Service Dublin, Ireland

If you are somewhere from Dublin and you own a home where you have a gas boiler, then we should say, that you have got a very BIG responsibility to take care of the unit. Leaving the boiler in its way will not only harm the unit itself but also can put you at risk. That’s the reason why servicing is important. To avoid gas boiler install dublin or gas boiler service dublin, then the only way to save yourself from money and energy is to have it serviced.

Service procedure

After you call for the boiler service Dublin, there are some practices which an engineer is supposed to carry out. But before you opt for one, make sure you check the reliability of the person.

  • Tight test: The engineer will test the tightness to make sure there is no gas leaks issue.
  • Visual check: They will also check for signs of flame, corrosion or spillage from the boiler while making sure that it still meets current requirements and standards.
  • Flue check: During the gas boiler service Dublin, the engineer will make sure that the flue is safely fitted and that there are no blocks in the terminals of the flue.
  • Components check and cleanup: The engineer will also inspect the components such as burner, spark probe, main injector, radiator and heat exchanger to make sure they are working appropriately. After that, they will clean thecondensate trap,system filter andinterior parts of the boiler as well.
  • Gas pressure inspection: The engineer will also make sure that your unit is working at the correct pressure. They may top up as well if needed.
  • Unit fired-up: They will also check for working faults during the service.

Benefits of service

Increases efficiency: After you start using gas boiler, it’s likely to lose its efficiency at one point due to the impacts of combustion and deterioration. As a result, it ends up affecting air to fuel ratio of combustion. To cope with that, the boiler would require more gas so that it can produce enough energy for keeping your home warm. That’s why it becomes essential to go forgas boiler service Dublin. It includes adjustment that helps restore optimal conditions which are essential for combustion. Not only you will find your boiler increasing its efficiency but also it lets you spend less on energy bill.

No risk of poisoning: There is a high chance that a faulty boiler can put you in danger of carbon-monoxide poisoning. Blocking of the ventilation results in damaging some parts. Albeit, you won’t be able to notice the damage, but you may suffer from poisonous gas if the unit stops burning appropriately. But once you opt for Gas boiler service Dublin, it will provide you with an expert who will check the issues and fix them to avoid the hazard.

Less spending on repairs: Servicing your boiler will help you spend less on repairs. The reason is, it makes sure that your boiler works corresponding to the specification of the manufacturer. Moreover, it will also help in servicing you longer without the need of replacing it.

Best time of service

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland has suggested that it’s better to at least service your boiler once a year. Although, if you opt for servicing it after every alternate month, then it can help make the unit last longer.

However, the best time would be if you have it serviced during summertime. Because, there will be less reliance on the unit. Moreover, that time, you won’t also find any engineer busy so you will get them available easily.


Like every other electronic units, it is likely that your boiler may get worse over time. There are a lot of signs that your unit is giving you but then again, you may not notice. If you have no idea when you should have the servicing done. Then check out this list below to know when to go for:

  • If you see that unit is burning with yellow flame.
  • If you notice black stain on the unit.
  • If there’s more condensation in your home.

Hope now you will realize the importance of getting the service.